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Our mission is to Build Something Great.

About to construct a building? Sounds like your team needs our team.

As a manufacturer and a supplier of structural building components for over 40 years, we’ve raised the bar through innovative and realistic building solutions.  

Whether you are building a new home, a multi-family complex or a commercial building, we have what’s right for you…

About Our Companies

Blenker Building Systems is a panelized component manufacturer working with builders throughout the Midwest to provide products, services and design. These panelized products, which include floor panels, wall panels and trusses, are built year-round in a controlled environment. Industry-leading construction practices and state-of-the-art technology are utilized. Panelized products results in greater efficiency, lower overhead costs, shorter lead times, increased growth, profitability and more.

Blenker Construction is a premier design/build company, serving the central Wisconsin area. It’s unique in that it has an in-house experienced design team, who uses 2020 software to create lifelike renderings of spaces as well as 3D walkthrough home viewing. Our own construction team features experienced master carpenters, who can complete your home just as you envisioned. Blenker Construction encompasses multifamily and commercial designs, as well as being home to the Blenker Signature Homes brand, specializing in residential design/built homes.

Envision. Home at Last. is a builder dealer network with locations throughout the Midwest. State-of-the-art sales, design and construction tools assist homeowners in building the custom home of their dreams, through this dealer network. Through a time-tested and proven approach to building homes, we offer unmatched value in 3D virtual home design, industry leading green building construction practices and top quality building products, providing the homeowner with a fun and enjoyable home building experience. Learn more to find a builder near you, or contact us to become one.

Here’s who we help…

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And here’s how our process works…

Our process works because we've got your back

Once your plan has been finalized and engineered to meet all the building codes, production begins. After production, the component package is then loaded and trucked to your job site. It can then be erected by your crew (minimum crew size is four) or by our experienced erection crew. Our crane is available to assist in the erection process.

And here’s why it works…

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And here’s proof…

How we save you time and give you products that are efficient

Would you ask your mechanic to go to the local auto parts store and buy what he or she needs to build a car? We wouldn’t either. That’s why here at Blenker Building Systems, all our homes are designed and engineered with manufactured components. Manufactured components complete the task of framing in less time, using less material and ultimately, resulting in a more reliable structure. We teamed up with the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) to showcase how efficient our manufactured components are compared to stick built homes. The proof is in the video below.

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Our Project Portfolio

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All of these businesses serve different client needs, and strive to stay ahead of the times, and keep customer loyalty and dedication.

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Our employees are more than a means to an end. They are the essence of our company. They strive to meet our core values.

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Blenker Building System custom builds to the specifications of the individual builder. 

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Envision. Home at Last. is centered upon helping you build the custom home of your dreams.

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